My Master's Project: Learning to a Different Beat

To continue with my archiving flood, here is a link to the online version of my Master's Project. In it I make a case for using music as a way to foster a critical literacy among resistant students. While so much has changed in my views and experiences since I wrote it two years ago, I am still proud of the work I did and hope you find it useful.

My main target audience is teachers, but I imagine anyone interested in how music shapes our lives might find it somewhat interesting. I tried to balance some serious and complicated theory discussion with project and activity ideas and narratives and anecdotes.

I would be remiss if I didn't offer my thanks to my friend and mentor, Louann Reid, for her support and guidance -- not just with this project, but throughout my time in graduate school.

Louann, you are simply a wonderful person and a great mentor and I am eternally grateful for all you've done for me.


Also, I've linked a multigenre project I completed during one of my final semesters in grad school. I plan on posting an argument for multigenre projects, and some assignment sheets and examples in a later post, but for now here is one I did.

I post it because it makes a case for bridging the "digital divide" and might also be interesting for my teacher readership! I hope anyway...