Greetings Class (4/28):

Yes, we're getting down to the end, and I hop you're enjoying the final written project -- the choice piece!

As I posted and discussed in class, I have the basic rubric and then you were going to complete the rubric with your groups. I offer the first part of the rubric because 1) I wanted to show you how to create them and 2) because these are basic standards of all good writing and things we've discussed throughout the year.

I post them here so you are able to refer to them as you draft and revise this final project.

Basic Rubric for Choice Piece (C.P.)
1) C.P. must have explicit or interpretable message, idea, theme, or lesson.
2) C.P. uses significant detail and is well supported
3) C.P. uses elements of writer's craft -- i.e. figurative language and / or plot elements
4) C.P. is relatively free of structural / grammatical errors

Remember, the other criteria on which you will be graded is something you and your group will help determine!

Also, for those of you writing short stories, here is the story map I promised:


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Today's prompt

We've read lots of books this year, so let's reflect on which one was our favorite and why. For this prompt, offer us your favorite book you've read this year, a very brief summary about what happens in the book (no spoilers) and briefly explain why you liked this book best.

This should be about TWO paragraphs of about 3-4 sentences in length.

Also, if you get this assignment done you can post a picture to supplement your blog entry.

My favorite book I've read is Saul Williams' poetry book entitled "She."

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Your Favorite Thing

This is your prompt, so please write and publish this in your blog!

Today, as we get reacquainted with our blogs in preparation for our next writing piece, I would like you to write a brief description of your favorite thing.

This can be your favorite thing to do. Your favorite song, movie or book. Your favorite animal. Hobby. Anything. Provide enough detail to write a full paragraph of at least 7 sentences.

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